Ray Bish, the father of CrossFit Plymouth affiliate owner James Bish, bravely passed away on Thursday 29th August at 1pm. Ray was a huge part of CrossFit Plymouth and represented what their box is all about - love, laughs, hard work and community. He had time for everyone and his heart was always in Plymouth.

To honour his life we will be taking part in the following workout...

"Ray Bish"

20 min AMRAP:

29 Double Unders 8 Shoulder to Overhead (65kg/45kg) 13 Burpee Pull Up

Ray's last days were hard and he fought for every breath. We invite you display the bravery he showed and push your body to it's physical limits to try and match the strength and fight that Ray displayed. Scaling in weight and movement is fine but scaling in intensity is not an option!!