The Xmas Doo for this year is being arranged. Firstly with a lunch time venue, The Smoke House. An event has been created on FaceBook, the link to which, is below. I will post a picture of the menu. The maximum that we can facilitate for lunch is 38. Once i have that number then I shall be asking for orders. The deposit is £10 and that needs to be paid on the day of booking, the remaining is due on the 1st (i think) of December, along with the orders. I will be in touch, don't worry. Until then it's partner carnage.... Reebok CrossFit Cardiff Partner WOD

For the following three segments, post three separate times, but leave the clock running:

For time: Row 2000 Meters

When the clock reaches 10 minutes, complete the following for time:

20 Muscle-Ups 40 Burpees 60 Double-Unders 80 Ring Dips 60 Double-Unders 40 Burpees 20 Muscle-Ups

When the clock reaches 20 minutes, complete the following for time:

Row 2000 Meters

One person is allowed to work at one time.

If you fail to make the time cap for any portion, simply proceed straight through into the next session without rest. Of course, you’re encouraged to modify as needed if you know that muscle-ups or ring dips will prohibit you from finishing in a reasonable time.

Xmas Doo........