So guys, here is a special treat for you! On top of discovering today's WoD, you are also going to discover tomorrow's too! (Saturday's) We have a group of guys heading to the box to partake in a charity workout. They are performing a hero WoD, "Whitten" and I won't ruin the surprise, but click on the link for some viewing pleasure! The guys are raising money for Help For Hero's and shall be hitting the 11am class. Below is a link to the website where any form of donations would be greatly appreciated. Please come down and join in, show them the awesome community that we have and why not buy a cool t-shirt to support the cause too. The shirts are online on the link and you guys have 4 days left to order them should you wish to look cool!!


Reebok CrossFit Partner WoD

AMRAP 20mins of:

5 STOH (50/35kg) 10 Back Squats (50/35kg) 15 T2B

Partner A performs the triplet, whilst partner B runs 400m. Partner A cannot conduct rounds and reps until partner B is running and visa versa.

Please post Rounds and Reps to comments....