Remember, there IS a 7pm class!! We have kindly been accepted on the guest list, without queuing, at Tiger Tiger from 9pm on Saturday. That's the plan. For those who aren't coming to the meal then feel free to get in touch with me (Davs), when you come in and if I am sober enough I will answer my phone and tell you where I am, everyone else maybe in a different place but we will have fun! ;-)

The guest list is under my name.

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: For Time:

Row 500m 10 Burpees 50 STOH (35/25kg) Rest 4mins

B: For Time:

Row 500m 15 Burpees 40 STOH (45/35kg) Rest 4mins

C: For Time:

Row 500m 20 Burpees 30 STOH (55/45kg) Rest 4mins

D: For Time:

Row 500m 25 Burpees 20 STOH (65/55kg)