So ladies, you have a toilet door, ish! It's downstairs waiting for the paint to dry. But once it has...i'm going to varnish it! But, once thats's YOURS!! Think of it, you can flash your boobies as much as you like then! Guy's, yours is going to take a little longer but that masterpiece is too coming soon! Keep your willies at bay for now.

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff PARTNER WoD

Partners with perform the following for time:

100 KB Swings (24/20kg) 75 Box Jumps (24/20") 50 Burpees

Whilst one partner is working the other will be running 20m shuttle sprints. 10m out, 10m back.

Your score is the time it takes you to complete the movements multiplied by the number of shuttle runs performed.

For example:

Coach (Ninja, dude, bad add, handsome, cool, hairy, painting machine) Davs and Coach (scruffy, Zach Eferon, flat feet, mummy's boy, can't ride or look after a bike) Brad perform the WoD in a blistering time of:

1:01, close to sub 1m (it may happen), as well as 15,000 shuttle runs! Therefore the score is...

1:01 (becomes 101) multiplied by 15,000, or 101 x 15000 = 1,515,000 OR an amazing score and unbeatable!