So the new rig, as you all will have seen, is up! Ish! We are still missing two smaller sections which will be coming our way ASAP, hopefully! A fair few of you also got to feel just how heavy it is too! Even fewer of you (thankfully), tried to empale your beautifully formed faces onto the dirty south bars. I turn to my good friend Matt Chan, to explain... Dirty South Explained

Now the only thing I would say is that, if you don't die (and that's always the case), then you are more than welcome to perform bar muscle ups on them.

Now is it wrong that when one particular individual, one who has recently been washing his workout shorts A LOT (meaning that he has been forced to wear just TIGHTS), started performing pull ups the wrong way, the few of us watching didn't shout out to help, we just merely began videoing the event?! Nah!!

On another note. You may have notice a lot of weighted lunges in the programming later. I don't have a personal hatred against you or your posterior chains, I am simply experimenting with you...I believe that after a few weeks of this you will see big improvements in your weighted squat. And so with that in mind...

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: EMOM 20mins

Odd - 50 Double Unders Even - 12 Burpees

B: Weighted Back Rack Lunge

20 - 20 - 20

Rest as needed between sets. Keep to a weight that allows form not to be severely affected.

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