Loved your work tonight gang! It was a hard WoD, in actual fact it was a shitfest! Leaving your posterior chain in tatters! I'd just like to remind you all that virtuous movement is a big deal at the box. Virtuosity being defined as doing the common uncommonly well. Picking things up off of the floor, whether it is a set of house keys, some Tesco carrier bags, a small child or a heavy arsed barbell is a natural thing to do. No one invented it, it's built into your DNA! That doesn't mean that it can't be done incorrectly or unsafely! Correct movement is beautiful and graceful, more importantly it is safe! Far safer than never performing these movements. It's our jobs as coaches to keep you safe and ensure that you are moving at the correct speed in order to illicit the required response. If you were scaled by one of the coaches tonight, please do not see that as an insult or a bad thing. We layer on intensity slowly, respecting it as it can be the cause of injury and pain. When we have consistently sound mechanics, and only then will we start to add intensity. My hat goes off to you lot, you are amazing!

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

In partners complete a 20min AMRAP of:

Run 400m (both together) 25 Pull Ups 50 Front Squats (50/35kg)

Apart from the run, only one person can work at a time, and the barbell must not touch the floor once it has been lifted off.

Please post rounds and reps to comments...