The day has finally arrived! It's the eve of the annual "Bro and Ho down", where the top Bro and the top Ho will be christened. Now, it's important to note that although Bradder's seems very chilled out, he may well implode when 100 hungry athlete's rock up either at the same time but more than likely whenever they want. ;-) He has done an excellent job sorting this out for everyone, despite having some chaffing that would make the normal person weep like a child!

Make sure that no one rocks up expecting the box to be open as usual! It has been advertised up to the ying yang, so everyone should know. The timings are below for you guys! Remember to come in and kick butt, have a serious blast and be sure to keep some of the hog aside for Davs and Mark Raper!


Timings (DON'T F IT UP)

Box Opens - 09:00 Athlete Registration - 09:30 First Heat begins - 10:00

Be mindful of where you park please guys. Maybe try to leave your cars over on the gravel area which is opposite the garage.