A nice early post for you guys tonight, I know some of you go to bed in a few minutes and so you can do so without having to check the WoD during your midnight pee! ;-) So if you saw the fort that I had constructed earlier you may of thought that I was merely bored and attempting to relive my youth, unfortunately not! Dan "the gymnastic mobility man" Cleal was indeed trying to kill off Bradder's and I; in an attempt to take over the gym and turn it into an evil gymnastics/mobility empire! Nice try Dan, but a strategically placed crash matt prevented such a fate!

Bradder's, the resident gymnast obviously kicked butt, yet again. Although I do think he has a significant advantage with that weighty mullet that he is sporting presently. It seemed to give him leverage and act as a superb counter balance.

Bradder\'s kicking butt

Although not perfect quite yet, he has definitely come along since the last time he attempted any form of gymnastics training...

Bradder's Fail

Now clearly the aim of gymnastics is not to land on your head! This however is not always easy...

Davs Handstand Fail

Let me show you just how it should be done...

Dan the Man

Hands up who wants to learn!!

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: For 10mins work on Squat therapy, this is your warm up and not your chance to waffle/gas, be sweating by the end!

B: 3 Sets for maximum load of 10 Back Rack Walking lunges

C: For time:

Row 1000m 100 Burpees Row 1000m

The WoD and lunges will be mixed up, as in some of you will start on part B and move onto part C and vise versa.