So today I have been told of something that is not just brilliant, but is utterly brilliant! Below you will find a little gem, which has been hiding away for quite sometime. Now I have no idea why tonight is the first time that I have been told about this, as it is witnessed every Sunday without fail! Now its up to you to firstly guess who this is and secondly make a list of who it reminds you off. You shall find two pictures below, the first is of the individual many years ago, clearly. The second is a more recent shot, took just hours before boarding the best boat in the world!!

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A: Spend 15mins working on muscle up technique

B: For time:

Row 1000m 30 Muscle ups* Row 1000m

15min time cap

*for those who are yet to master this evasive manoeuvre, then choose a transition drill which is difficult (not mega easy), and perform 30 reps of.

Please post times to comments...