Today is a special day....Danny Watson's birthday!! Happy Birthday you legend of a man, we love you and miss your ginger arse!! Another big announcement is that as well as it being Katie's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) but Ross (BHAAAAAT) popped the question!!! Congratulations both, you guys are the life and sole of the box and are totally awesome! Ross a little extreme to try and get a couples membership but whatever you like bro! ;-) Love you both and we all wish you masses of good luck for the future!!

One more point, not quite as exciting as any of the above but...this month will see the first "movie night" at the box. One Thursday we shall dust off the projector and pop on a film chosen by a majority vote (maybe, but this hasn't been decided yet). Bring a bean bag, crash mat, (Dav's is bagsying the crash mat), med ball; but NO playing the pop corn game!!

Back to Brad's week of death...

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

A 3 Rounds for time of:

Run 800m 50 Burpees


3 sets of 20 Hip Extensions Rest as needed to complete the sets with good form and in as few sets as possible

Please post times to comments....