Ok then gang, it's time to show off just what this community can do... A good friend and fellow CrossFitter, Josh Saville is beginning a charity bike ride from Paris to Barcelona today. But only after finishing the hero WoD, 'The Seven' This crazy feat is crazy! As is cycling 80 plus mile a day for 7 days, when they roll into Barca they will be completing another Hero WoD, immediately! Unreal!

This is all in aid of a very good cause, to raise money and awareness for the death of young by sudden cardiac arrest. Please guys, let get behind them and show our support, if you forfeit your starbucks hit for just one day then we could raise £250 to help him out! A very minimal donation but could make such a massive difference!

Love you guys and good luck to Josh and his partner in crime, Joseph Atkins! You will eat those miles up, strength of mind!

We dedicate our daily workout to your friend.

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Aaron Dixon

23 min AMRAP

9 Muscle Ups 23 Bar Hop Burpees 19 STOH (60/40kg) 87 Double Unders

Scaling options:

Muscle Ups - Muscle up progressions Bar hop burpees - you've got no chance STOH - Load and reps Double Unders - Single unders

Aaron Dixon died suddenly from a cardiac arrest.

Rest In Peace

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