So a 06:05 flight from Cardiff pretty much sucks! It's been a little while and I have forgotten just how many folk rock up to the airport at 04:00 and get hard on the lash as soon as they clear customs; just because they are going on holiday! I would literally die I think. Start as you mean to go on, smashed for the whole of a week. Its always fun at Schiphol to confuse the hell out of the starbucks dudes when they ask me if they can have my name for the order, amazing! Still a record of 6 punters in front of me removed all of the evil fat from their beverage and replaced it with harmless devils crystals! #muppets

Once arrived at the hotel I became serious excited as the initial disappointment of being smack bang in the middle of a business park was taken over by the news that there was a legit outdoor swimming pool; in which you HAD to wear a swimming cap if you wanted to have a dip!! WHAT?? I may well just have to suck it up tomorrow.

The fact that this is the second ever CrossFit Level 1 seminar that has been taught in Portugal (last weekend was the first) was blatantly obvious when the waiter took our dinner orders...."So you want two main courses?" "Yep, why have one when you can have two? Why have less when you can have more?" "Double the meat on each and remove the bread but replace it with vegetables??"

Reebok CrossFit Cardiff WoD

In teams of 3 perform a 15min AMRAP of:

8 Double DB Push Press (45/35lbs) 12 Box Jumps (20")

Athlete 1 performs as many rounds and reps of the above, whilst athlete 2 carries athlete 3 for 100m (50m there and back); on their return, athlete 3 will carry athlete 1 while athlete 2 cycles through the reps. Continue in this fashion for the duration of the workout.

Please post rounds and reps to comments....