On this day in the year 1664 the Royal Marines were formed. An utter bunch of bad assed MoFo's who would fight to the death and evolve into being Great Britain's commandos, green berets! The men who wore the coveted green wreaked havoc wherever they fought; identified by the globe on their cap badge! So much so that during the second world war a law entitled the "Commando Order" was created by Hitler who demanded that they should be killed on sight, he stated "these men are dangerous!" Later on their simply unbelievable career Margaret Thatcher deployed Royal Marine Commandos to the Falklands Islands. This battle showed their worth. The Marines "yomped" all over the islands, encountering far less casualties due to this fact; other fighting forces who mobilised around the islands off shore on HMS ships were far more vulnerable to attack and subsequently suffered huge injury rates. The fitness and determination of the Commandos allowed them to advance to each battle on foot and dominate the ground and fight when they arrived. On completion of the war Margaret Thatcher was quoted to say the following:

"Royal Marines should be locked up in a glass enclosure, with an endless supply of beer and women and only let out in a time of war!"

In more recent years battle honours and valour has been witnessed in the wars taking place in the middle east: Iraq and more recently still, Afghanistan. Throughout these campaigns the Marines have displayed, on countless times, the famous Commando qualities that each of them possess as traits:

Courage Determination Unselfishness Cheerfulness in the face of adversity

This day sees the 350th birthday of the Royal Marines, and aside from the uniform, little has changed.

Royal Marines

A very Happy Birthday to The Corps

Within 35mins complete as many rounds and reps of:

1 Rope Climb* 6 Pull Ups 6 Front Squats (60/40kg) 4 STOH (60/40kg)

Please post rounds and reps to comments....

*perform 4 Strict ring rows per rope climb. I tried to get 4 ropes hung for this WoD but they didn't arrive in time, apologies.