I f**king LOVE you lot! Who felt the atmosphere at the gym tonight, unreal! I absolutely loved it and that is what it should be like every.single.wod!! No this is a special workout. A good friend of mine, Daniel Chaffery, who owns Reebok CrossFit Louvre performed this WoD on Saturday night to pay respects to Charlie Hebdo. Charlie was killed last week in a terrorist attack in Paris. Following this attack the whole city was turned upside down by multiple acts of terrorism, culminating in the loss of many lives; innocent lives!

We are supporting the athletes and staff at Reebok CrossFit Louvre's by performing their workout. Thank you guys and keep your heads held high!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

In Teams of 3 perform the following:

10 Rounds for max reps of: 1 min of Hang Power Cleans (40/30kg) 1 min of Pull Ups 1 min of Burpees

Athletes from each team will begin on one movement and move forward to the next on the call of rotate, just as they would in Fight Gone Bad.

The teams score will be the sum of reps from each worse round.

Go hard guys, show them what we've got!

Please post scores to comments...