The man that you all know and love, Bradder's...turns a manly 21 year of age today (ish)! Happy Birthday buddy! The young buck joined the gym more than 4 years ago and was competing the very next day following his on ramp! Where he didn't know what the hell a power clean or 60kg was (you can't bicep curl that much), let alone be able to complete any during a 2 min time cap! He was exposed to many things that weekend: a bona fide joint dislocation, Jon Hares's swimming trunks and most importantly, the CrossFit community.

Since that weekend he has immersed himself into CrossFit (muscle ups) and has not only morphed into a long haired Arnie look-a-like, but it well on his way to being one of the best CrossFit trainers in the country! He has helped to change peoples lives for the better and has only just began!

Please join us all at the gym to celebrate the dude, Brad Rivers to adulthood and drunkenness!

Happy Birthday my friend!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

"Brad Rivers"

Within 16 mins complete as many rounds and reps of:

21 Pull Ups 21 Push Press (40/30kg) 21 Air Squats

Please post rounds to comments and give Bradder's a sweaty hug!