Another load of full classes today, maybe its because its summer, maybe its because we're increasing our members.......Or.....maybe its because you love my programming :) Some good times on Diane and a few PB's and a lot of you attempting the Rx weight on the deadlift which was impressive to see. Don't forget, this was a Benchmark Girl so make a note of your time. We WILL repeat this at some point in the future so you can see how much more awesome you have become!

A lot of you pussies poor souls, have been complaining that you're still sore from Murph on Monday, so I've tried to work with you tomorrow.

Part A

10 Min Cap

Accumulate 5 minutes at the bottom of the squat (aim to go unbroken)

If you do have to break and come out of the squat then you can only rest whilst hanging from the bar.

Part B


10 Ab Mat Sit Ups 5 Push Jerks (50/35)

Rest exactly 3 minutes


10 Bar hop Burpees 5 Power Cleans (50/35)

Your score is the total number of reps across both AMRAPS.