Well done to those that completed todays WOD. It’s probably safe to say that you’re now fairly familiar with the Med Ball Clean! Don’t be alarmed if you wake up in the middle of the night to find yourself involuntarily performing medball cleans horizontally…… or at least that’s a good cover story if anyone queries what you’re doing ;)

The morning crew started off the WOD with some of the best executed reps I’ve seen in a while…….but then finished up with some very creative freestyled movements . Well done though, 150 reps of that is enough to make you forget your name!

Tomorrows WOD seems straight forward enough:

For Time:

7 Muscle Ups 15 Power Snatches (70/50kg) 7 Muscle Ups 15 GTOH (85/60kg) 7 Muscle Ups