Adopt an OnRamper! The July OnRampers graduated last Friday so lets welcome them in the only way we know how! PARTNER WOD!!!! Introduce yourself, high five them and if you want to, then partner them.

Just let the coach know that you want to 'adopt an OnRamper' at least for the duration of the WOD, and thus ease them into their amazing CrossFit journey they will make sure you are paired with someone.

For any OnRampers reading this, don't be afraid, all our members have been in your situation and know how it feels! We're a friendly bunch and will look after you. I promise! You've just got to show up and we'll take care of the rest.

Work Out of the Day

(Male weights/Female weights)

On-Rampers = 35kg/25kg Member= 60kg/40kg

40 Power Cleans Run 400m 60 Front Squats Run 400m 80 Deadlifts Run 400m

Split the barbell work as needed between you, but you both do the run together.

For the rest of the week, and to celebrate the CrossFit Games this weekend, the programming for the remainder of this week will be taken from past and present Games events. Post your favourites to Facebook for discussion.