Right guys, we are entering a team in the Divided We Fall competition (Nov14th/15th) to be held in Manchester. This is one of the best run CrossFit competitions I’ve been to, and this year each box across the UK will be allowed to enter one team. Its also a great excuse for a Box ROAD TRIP!!! …...So we have to select our team!

The competition guidelines have stated than any athletes competing will need to be able to do Muscle Ups, HSPU’s, Pistols etc. And the team will comprise two girls and two guys.

Obviously there are a few of you who are very close to getting your first Muscle Up or will be nervous about some of the movements…. This is a great time to use this as something to focus you on your goal of getting the movements…. you have 3 months! If you want to try a 6-8 week Muscle Up progression training plan then we’re happy to work with you on that.

So if you fancy it, then for the next few weeks we’ll be using one of the daily WODs for our box as a scored WOD for qualification. We’ll let you know which WOD it is in advance and you’ll have until Sunday night to complete it if you can’t do it on the day.

Just make sure someone is around to count your reps and make sure you do it Rx. This is just a bit of fun so don’t get too serious with it guys and don’t worry too much about the movements at this stage.

I’ll keep a note of the scores so we can see how everyones doing!

Good luck and keep an eye out for the first qualifying WOD #DWF15.1

Tomorrows WOD



Thrusters (42.5kg/30kg) Pull Ups