There were PB's flying everywhere tonight. Such an amazing effort by everyone in class. Utter bad asses showing balls and determination, getting under those bars and showing the bastards who's boss! Tomorrow we continue with the qualifiers for the DWF15 team. You shall need to show us some skill to get by.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

With a 2 minute window for each complete the following:

6 Rope climbs (15ft) 20m Handstand Walk 500m Row 50 Unbroken Double Unders 50 Wall balls (20/14lbs)

Athletes will all begin on the rope climbs and progress their way through each test. If any time is remaining then they will wait at that station before moving to the next. One point will be given for each task completed.

Some of you chicks need to start getting involved, come on...

Post your scores to comments please...