Well done to Mel and Ian this weekend competing at Masters at War. Great job guys, judging by the pictures, it looks like you smashed it!

No bank holiday to save us this time so lets get back into another amazing week of work.

Part A

Front Squats 3-3-3

Aim to hit 85%-90% of your 1RM (If you don't know what your 1RM Front Squat is then punch yourself in the face and find it today)

Part B - For Time:


Row (Calories) Thrusters (35/25)

*Everytime you drop the bar, add 3 reps onto the total for that round. (10 minute time cap)

Going unbroken is something all CrossFitters should aspire to, you shouldn't need any additional motivation, but the structure of this workout will give you some added incentive to try to go unbroken during the WOD. Dig deep, and hang in there. MTFU.