Welcome to a new week full of opportunity. Before we talk about the WOD, there is something more important that I want to take a moment to highlight. One of our very newest members Ellen Downey over the last year has been on quite a journey. Working with Franco, and through her sheer determination and persistence has now managed to cure herself of Type 2 Diabetes.

This is an amazing example of what is possible when you take control of your destiny like Ellen has, proving that if you truly want something, then just go out and get it.

I don't know Ellen that well, but I can imagine how she must have felt the first time she came to our box, approaching the front door to the distant sound of barbells being thrown around, loud music and shirtless people everywhere...... It would have been so easy for her to give up, to convince herself that this wasn't for her, but she didn't and is now reaping the rewards.

It really is true that all the good stuff happens way outside your comfort zone.

Ellen recently completed the August On Ramp and as soon as a minor injury has cleared up will be back in to the WOD classes. Please keep an eye out for her and give this remarkable woman a high five when you see her.

WOD - Monday 14th September

Within a 20 minute time cap

Perform 50 'Touch and Go' Clean & Jerks (60kg/40kg)* *Every time you drop the bar run 400m