CrossFit makes my heart sing.  It is my passion.  I travel Europe and the world, every weekend to spread the message.  I work for CrossFit Headquarters teaching their L1 and L2 trainer courses as a lead instructor (Flowmaster).  It is the greatest job in the world.
At the age of 23 I left the Royal Marines, having served for seven years. I thought I was bulletproof and super fit…I was wrong!  While working as a trainer in a gym one day, a colleague told me about this thing called CrossFit.  He had just found it online and thought it was right up my street.  Roughly seventeen minutes later I found myself collapsed outside on a grass verge trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. That was it, I went home to find out more and later that day booked a flight to San Diego in order to learn from the horse’s mouth.  During that period I was initially exposed to the community.  Not since leaving the military sector a few years prior had I seen such camaraderie; yet these were strangers!  I was in a room full of people who were utterly selfless, cheerful regardless of the environment and all humble to a fault.  I was sold!
CrossFit is extremely powerful; it is life changing.  There is no other way to put it.  This facility and more importantly the people in it will make you better; the cool thing is…you get to decide at what. Write down five things that will make you a better person, I don’t need to know what they are.  Put them in an envelope and hide it.  After six months go and tear it open, I still don’t want to see it.  You are going to find me and tell me whether you coming here, your exposure to this place made you better… I already know the answer.
It is very difficult these days to perform a truly selfless good deed, a random act of kindness.  I see it everyday in CrossFit.


How can we help you?

The idea is this. You come and train with us, as our guest. Turn up, work out and soak up the support and the spirit of our gym. We guarantee that it will ignite a spark in you that you may have been missing. This is a positive environment where great things can happen.

We want to help you because we firmly believe you will have a positive response. We see great things happening everyday with our members, some of whom also have a forces background and have been in similar situations to you.

If you still have questions and/or reservations then please contact us anyway you want. Call on (phone number) or email

No mirrors, no fancy machines and no gimmicks. 

What we have is world class coaching, a supportive atmosphere, a desire to be better (no matter what that means), lots of high fives, lots of sweat and lots of work.