Happy Monday, today we're taking you back to your school days.  Enjoy the trip down memory lane.

A) Muscle Up Technique

If you have Muscle Ups then perform a 7 minute EMOM.  The number of muscle ups each minute must stay the same and if you fail any minute then you must record a DNF so check your ego and pick a sensible number.

B) Bleep Test

For those of you that didn't do this in school and are not sure what this is, that is probably a good thing.

It involves having to run between two cones spaced 20m apart. You have to arrive at the cone before or at the 'bleep', the difficulty increases over time as the bleeps get quicker.  if you miss two consecutive bleeps then you're out.  Don't worry, as always, there's plenty of time to warm up and try it out before we start.