The pursuit of Happiness

Hey guys, you may have noticed that some of our ladies are posting on social media with the hashtag #100happydays.  You may be wondering what this is about.  It’s nothing more complicated than simply trying to find some happiness in every day. For 100 days.  Capturing that moment and posting it to Social Media.  Whilst a group of the girls have started this, its something that we could all embrace.

Find some time to enjoy the moment you are in. Free from the nervous anticipation of your next meeting/assignment/class….and unburdened from the continuous self-critical reflection of a less than perfect conversation just past.  Enjoy the moment, a moment of happiness that may salvage even the worst 'car crash' of a day. 

Be mindful of these moments and simply share them.  Whatever it is.  A mis-spelt name on a coffee cup, a smile from a stranger or even just a co-worker coughing too hard and accidentally farting…

You don’t need a cause.  It’s an exercise to increase happiness.  It's infectious.  Embrace it.

….But If you do need a cause then take a second to think about how sadness manifests itself in many ways these days, It has plenty of names, from depression through to some cases where suicide is the only relief for some.  If this process helps just one person then it is worthwhile.

You can start your 100 happy day challenge whenever you want, its open to everyone.  It’s your personal journey.  It’s not about trying to look good. It’s about being mindful of what made you happy in the moment and sharing it. If you do decide to do this, then if you use the hashtag #RCFC100HappyDays.  All the pictures will be collated at the end and we can celebrate all this happiness with a naked hot tub party at mine.  (That last bit is a lie – that shit is never happening again).

Anyway, thanks for reading.  Don’t worry, be happy :) 

Speaking of Happiness......Here it comes.

With a running clock

Up to 13 Minutes to complete:

5 Rounds of

  • 5 Back Squats (as heavy as possible) From the rack.
  • 200m Run

Score is Weight (in Kg)/Time (in Minutes)

(So if you hit 80kg in 10 mins 32 seconds…. Your score is 80/10.32 = 7.8 ……just use a calculator.)

If you finish in less than 13 minutes then rest the remaining time.

13-20 Minutes

7 Minute AMRAP

  • 9 KBS (24/16)
  • 6 Pistols
  • 3 Muscle Ups