This is my first week of programming since Games Week, and more importantly my first chance to punish you lot after destroying my house…….

Also, tomorrow is Woody’s Birthday so if you see her give her a hug and a kiss (chances are she’ll probably hug you first though).  Most of you will know Woody and her magic healing hands, if you’re not sure who she is though, she’ll be the one throwing the barbell around like its a PVC pipe and may have a small child or two going crazy around her!  Happy Birthday Woodster!

With a running clock and working only in the first half of each minute

  • Minutes 1-5 - Max Rep Thrusters (40/30)
  • Minutes 6-10 - Max Rep Burpees
  • Minutes 11-15 - Max Rep Calorie Row
  • Minutes 16-20 - Max Rep Toes to bar

Your score is the total reps. 

Payback is a bitch ;)