Some residue chalk from a cheeky bucket rub, or even a full blown blow out, kicking the bucket across the box accidentally or on really not a drama. I don't really care. It's a unavoidable hazard aaaaaand makes you 25% stronger, do not argue with science! 

What is not cool leaving your used chewing gum on the side. We work hard to make that gym feel like it's yours, please treat it as such! 

Be a DUDE...not a DICK! 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

3 Rounds for time of:

Run 400m (together)

30 deadlifts (100/70kg)

60 Burpees.

So partners will run 400m together, return to the barbel and between them accumulate 30 and 60. Work can be split as they wish, but both athletes can work at the same time. Therefore the fastest way to get the work done, is to go mental on the burpees to try and get them finished at the same time as the deadlifts...ready for the run.