I wish I had a way of knowing who was reading this first, how excited they were and the noises they were making as they did! My guess is that it's Big Mike; as excited as an excited person, with  a special reason to be excited; similar to the noises he makes when leaving an assault bike!

I'm not going to tease you any longer! Not even with expertly drawn pictures of clues, so well done that you couldn't possibly guess incorrectly...or so I thought! 

The Partner League is here. Grab your buddy, lace up your nanos and hold on for the ride! After all, there is a hot date with Ash at VIVA Brazil for the winning team, lots to fight for! 
Just remember...three is a crowd!! 

Workout and score posting info below...

Partner league Logo.jpeg

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Partner League 1

For time:
Row 3000m
150 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)

For time:
Row 2000m
100 Wall Balls (14/10lbs - reduce ROM to a wall ball placed on a 20kg bumper plate if needed)

Squat lower than you really want to, hit the target...repeat. Read again, that says nothing about smashing yourself in the face with a ball. Doing so will push you further from that meaty date. 

Workout Flow
Teams may split this work however they choose.

Score Posting
Times will be recorded via Instagram posts. Anything is acceptable so long as it contains your team name, time and the post has @reebokcrossfitcardiff tagged. If you don't have IG, then an opposing team can help.  
Please also tag the location, type in Reebok CrossFit Cardiff in the location search and click on that, NOT Reebok CrossFit Cardiff 2.0 (our impersonator!).
Following the five weeks, the best picture will be selected with the posting team winning a prize even better than a date sucking salty meat with Ash

Happy Hunting!

Accessory Program

If you still have the minerals...

Press Session
Tempo press ups - 4 sets x 5 reps (4s down, 1s pause with chest hovering above the floor and a fast ascent)

1.1 After set 1 perform a single arm dumbbell bench press with a slightly heavier load than used in week 3 - 5 reps on each arm (5s down and 5s up) - only increase the dumbbell in weight if lat and chest activation can be maintained
1.2. After set 2 perform a single arm overhead press with either a small plate, dumbbell or kettlebell (hold by the handle) with a slightly heavier load than used in week 3- 5 reps on each arm (5s up and 5s down) - only increase the load if lat and chest activation can be maintained
1.3. After set 3 perform shoulder taps x 20 reps
1.4. After set 4 perform push up hold to plank x 10 reps