So how was it?? Spicy? How did you break it up? The row the wall ball...TELL ME!!! 

More importantly than the approach to the workout, did any of you have utter meltdowns? One of the funniest things about team competitions, at the regionals or the games, are the blazing arguments they have while one of them is sucking at life trying to thruster a 50kg worm. 
A faceball can bring out the very best in folk! ;-) 

We close the week with a set of very sore hamstrings (still) and therefore will be keeping out feet firmly off the ground in a little, gnarly upper body sprint. 
Get yourself ready for a night on the town with this bad boy...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For time:
21 - 15 - 9
Pull Ups
Ring Dips

Please post time to the whiteboard...

Wall ball.jpg