So you don’t only have Suller to thank for this workout. But, Pat Sherwood and CrossFit Linchpin. Originally programmed for the 2017 CrossFit Games, for the teenage and masters categories, we have decided to scale it due to the freaks performing there are waaaaaaay fitter than we are.
In order to preserve the intended stimulus of the workout, we have had to reduce the load to one far lighter than the 16 year olds used! Holy shit!! How good does that make you feel?!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Bar Fight
For time:
50 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
40 Toes To Bar
30 Clean and Jerks (80/60kg)*

Thank you to CrossFit Linchpin and Pat Sherwood.
The original loading for the male 16/49 year old categories was 93kg (205lbs) and for the females, 65kg.
The winning times were:
Boys 16: 9:29
Girls 16: 9:46
Masters Men (49): 12:14
Masters Women (49): 11:49

Crazy hey!