Legs are like jelly! Thanks Suller!

Anyway, I have something very cool for you to watch, the most important part of this blog post. A very good friend of mine, Rob Lawson supported an amazing man throughout his journey of cancer treatment. Dan, a Royal Marine based in Arbroath, Scotland, at 45 Commando was diagnosed in the summer of 2017.
One day, he arrived at the gym wearing a hat and drinking a coffee, the Chemo had begun and the side-effects were obvious. Rob, being Rob, immediately and in an act of solidarity got his clippers out and shaved his head. Every Monday from then on, #coffeeandclippers was born. Sometime later, an event was organised, with a local Barbers shop named Mr Dun, £17,000 have been raised to date and all due to another amazing CrossFit Community.
CrossFit Aberdeen, you lot are fucking legends!

Having said all that, Dan still dancing like a Marine, you need to sort that out! ;-)

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

3 Rounds, each for time:
500m row

Rest 6 minutes between efforts

Please write each individual, kick ass time down on the whiteboard.