With today’s workout we will demonstrate the solidarity of the world wide CrossFit community to a very good friend, who, recently has suffered an immeasurable lost.

Sara Wilkinson, who some of you have met when she visited the box, lost her husband Chad earlier this year. Chad had spent many years as a US Navy SEAL and was exposed to multiple deployments throughout his career. Sadly, on the 29th of October, Chad took his own life.

Many servicemen and women suffer with the ongoing trauma’s of war. Our intention is to raise awareness and where possible, donations (here) in order to directly help the Wilkinson family.

CrossFit Takeover, located in Virginia Beach Florida, have modified a workout that Chad himself used to do and that Dave Castro has recently posted about.

When Sara spoke at her husband’s funeral, she recounted a recent story when she walked into the garage to find Wilkinson doing step-ups wearing a backpack. He was training to climb Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America, by doing 1000 step-ups at a time.

Please turn up on mass, to respect and honour a true hero. Their accents may change, but the people remain the same.

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

As a pair, complete as many reps as possible within 60 minutes of:
Box Step Ups (20”)*
A barbell is to be held in the back rack
Switch once your partner has completed a 400m run

May he Rest In Peace

Please post total completed reps to the whiteboard and any pictures and videos to Instagram stories tagging @crossfit_takeover as well as @thedavecastro

Chad Org.jpg