Rarely do I get cause to say this and actually, really mean it. But...thank F**K it's Friday! My legs are in bits!! No where near as much as Matt Parry's, obviously, that poor man nearly died on Tuesday, and I caught him hugging a parallette's after yesterday's WoD. 
Sorry brother! 

Nearly there team. The less said about today the better. Poor Tim in the morning class may not have made it to the bike before having to go outside and check that he hadn't lost his keys in the bushes?! 

Happy Weekend all!! 

CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

In pairs, splitting work as needed complete as many rounds and reps as possible, within 15mins of:
30 Hang Power Clean and Jerks (40/30kg)
50 Pull ups
4x100m Shuttle sprints

Good luck and welcome to the weekend. Before you go out and get so drunk you attempt to climb into a shoe...please write your rounds and reps on the whiteboard...IN ONE COLOUR (there is a method to my madness).