Pinch, punch, first of the month you beauties. 

I have two things to tell you tonight. Firstly, Prodders the rockstar is putting herself into a hole for the entire month by donning a 10kg weighted vest! The only time she wont be wearing it will be showering, sleeping or working! So she has signed up for as many over-time shifts as the European working directive will allow, warned Welsh water off about an up and coming demand increase of it's services and has purchased a brand new, memory foam mattress ready for the second most famous sleep in in history! John Lennon eat your heart out!! 

All joking aside, what she is doing is seriously commendable. Please, please get behind her and give her the support she deserves. You can find out just how by clicking here...


Secondly. And as importantly, throughout 2018 I will be recognising a member of the month. Various reasoning, depending on what the coaches have witnessed throughout workouts and classes will dictate who this award is given to.
This month, Enrique has really caught my eye, rather than simply kicking ass and fully committing to each and every workout, as soon as he is done, he's over to his fellow team mate to support them over the line. 
CrossFit is hard, really hard, but it's people like you Enrique, that makes those thrusters just that little bit easier. 

People are gonna be especially in need of you tomorrow brother...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD
A: For Time
21 - 15 - 9
Deadlift (100/70kg)
OHS (60/40kg)

Rest 6mins

B: For time:
21 Cal AB
Rest 3mins
15 Cal AB
Rest 2mins
9 Cal AB

Try, if you can, to peel yourselves off the floor and get those scores written on the board...