Team, please remember that the Saturday class will not be running as per the norm. Instead, the gym will be open from 10am to allow folk to get through heats of the open workout 18.2. 
Fancy dress, as per your team captain's instruction will earn you even more points towards the crown of the fittest colour in the box. Please ensure that if you are indeed to be granted this prestigious crown...that you have some banter too! #dressup

Spring my freezing cold arse! Still, no better time to get ready for the beach...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Bench press
5 - 5 - 5 - 5 -5*

*your aim is to get to a heavy working load and maintain across all sets...

Conroy is set to rest today because of the snow and "dangerous driving conditions"...NOT because we're benching today! 

Please post your MASSIVE loads to comments...