Spring is coming hey?? I know what you're thinking...BULLSHIT, it's fricking freezing...


Luckily for one of you though, Proddsd√≥ttir, she gets to keep snug in her fetching weighted vest...oh wait...no...it's the 1st of the Month!! The first day, in a month, where she hasn't had to wear it!! 

In case you didn't know, Prodders, has been lugging around a 10kg weighted vest for the entire month, only parting with its company during fleeting showers and work hours. The remain time she has been attempting to raise money and awareness for an amazing charity, Papyrus
There is still time to donate, please, visit her just giving page here

This, along with many other reasons, is why I have decided to do this...


Congratulations buddy! Very well deserved and thank you for inspiring us all to be better versions of ourselves throughout February. 
Enjoy that weight lifting off you shoulders. 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For Time:
Run 200m*
20 Pull ups
Run 400m* 
15 Chest to bar pull ups
Run 800m*
10 Bar muscle ups
Run 1 mile*
5 Rope climbs

*if mother nature decides to pull all of our pants down and give us a damn good spanking, be prepared for these runs to morph into something else. #rowforthewin #rowing3timesperweek #variancebro

Please write your bad assed times on the whiteboard like good CrossFitters...