Put the skin tight lycra away until next year's open. Where as it is funny, creates loads of banter...no one actually enjoys looking at your bits bursting out of that brightly colourful material! :-I
However, it is ALWAYS a MUCH better look than the beer disposal team tee...

Craaaaaaazy eyes

Craaaaaaazy eyes

This coming week we are going to have the open workout on Friday night. Friday Night Lights. This is due to the gym being closed this weekend for a CrossFit Training Level 1 Seminar. 
Take Saturday to rest and recover, enjoy the rugby and maybe get a little loose. 

However, on Sunday evening, get a grip of yourselves and get back down to the gym. Last time we had a bunch of folk rock up for a team workout, and so we shall do the very same again. Therefore, look below for the coming weekend's opening hours...

Friday - 17:00 until close - Friday Night Lights 18.5
Saturday - CLOSED - Go and get drunk
Sunday - 18:00 - Team WoD

Back to tomorrow...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 10mins, complete as many reps as possible, in the following order of:
C2B Pull ups 
Box jumps (30/24")
2, 4, 6, 8

Please, record your scores to the whiteboard but first...for your viewing pleasure...