Who knows what the sadistic mind of Dave Castro will come out with, while the most of us normal humans are asleep in bed. I just seriously hope, for you luscious lot, that it is not overhead dumbbell lunges and toes to bar! I mean there is no WAY that he would dare to program running! 

What I am hoping for is wall balls, and not because I can do them at the minute, but because was have some bad ass new targets to use. 
On that, if you do use them, PLEASE put the jpegs on the other side so as to protect the wall balls and more importantly...your faces! 

Oh, and just in case you weren't aware, Rogue Europe are legends! 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Within 25mins:
Set a 1RM Snatch

Lift some big tin please team...right before recording it in BLACK or RED (if a pb) on the whiteboard please...