From a gymnastics sprint to one using a barbell. This one however, has an end point, you just can't stop throughout is all. Stay easy and speed up towards the are going to love it. 

One slight house keeping point. One that I am just going to say and leave as hopefully this will be enough.
I know you guys well and actually don't think that it is you doing so but...
Please do NOT leave chewed chewing gum stuck to the wood cladding. There is no excuse for being in the middle of a workout and needing to get rid of it, blah blah. It's disgusting and has no place with us, thank you. 

On to something else nearly as disgusting as the above...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

8min AMRAP:
8 Power cleans
5 Thrusters
Bar loaded at (70/50kg)

Good luck team. Please write up your rounds and reps to the white board...