So team, how was your weekend? I hope you drunk enough espresso martini's to forget how much of a dick Jackie's mate was, just not enough to cause you to lay awake all night, high on caffeine, but with the room spinning due to all the alcohol! 

Welcome, well rested and just like a good friend of mine says..."young, dum and full of..." Well rested unless of course you have utterly thrashed yourself in the gym (your fault not mine! ;-)) today. 
Rock up, smiling, get after this "beautiful" workout, hard and aggressively. Relish in the fact that I gave you a full week OFF the ass bike...but Conroy (blame him), decided to smash you with it. His fault, not mine! HIM!!! It's a good job he is so fracking lovable!! 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

5 Rounds of:
Within 90s complete:
20/15 Cal Ass Bike
Max Reps Squat Cleans (70/50kg)
Rest 4:30secs between rounds

Please once you are able to stand, stagger over to the light and scribe your love for him on the whiteboard...