Once you have stopped walking around with as minimal plantar flexion as possible, have burnt yourself into a crisp, come on into the gym and smash yourself silly, ready for another banging weekend! Maybe this one will be spent on Mill Lane drinking in the sunshine, guns out ready to get another...because they will! 

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

‘Jackie’s dick of a mate'
Row 1000
50 Thrusters (40/30kg)
30 Bar Muscle ups

Please get your funky and fast Friday times down on the board prior to heading out to get smashed! 

Stolen from Matt Swift, via CrossFit Roots

I ran into Swifty while travelling back from Denver last week, he was clearly less hung over than me and so had gone to CrossFit Roots to train. The gym owned by former CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff Flowmaster, Nicole Christiensen, is a long standing affiliate, famed for professionalism and excellence.
Swifty, also a HQ Seminar Staff Flowmaster (we were at a flowmaster meeting) and also Master's Games Athlete, told me about it...I immediately smiled an evil smile. At signifiant altitude, he completed the WoD sub 12, at the young age of 48. Can any of you beat him??

The only thing that I have changed about this workout is the name, if they named it at Roots, it certainly would've been less offensive! ;-)