So anyone still sore from Monday? As stated, I am mildly apologetic for putting you through it, but once the pain goes, you will have a set of buns to be proud of! For sure! 

The sun is out and pumping, and it feels so fracking good...until you get a whiff of Ash post lunge! Unless of course, he sprays himself to death with Lynx! Then, all you get is the effect!! 
Once its in, you ladies are screwed!! 

Now tomorrow I am introducing something cool, it will be a challenge, but trust!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Teams of 3 will complete as many rounds and reps as possible within 10mins of:
6 Power Cleans (100/70kg)
6m Handstand Walk
12 Pull ups

The workout should be split as needed, one team mate per round is to perform the HSW.

Anyone recognise that handsome guy in the banner picture??'s Rich Froning! 

Posting your rounds to the whiteboard is the only way that the world will know that you are still alive, so please do so!  

julie foucher.jpg