Pin's messed up already?! But it's only Monday! Sorry team. However, seeing as today was as hot as hell (A-Mazing by the way), then tonight you will be able to get that blood pumping back to those so desperately needed muscles, and wake feeling fresh and ready to rock! 

Just in time to switch gears a little bit and pick up some heavy sh*t! 

Now, just some house keeping for you lovely lot. This Saturday, the team are away kicking butt at Tribal clash, meaning that the gym will be open, but only for non coached open gym
However, I'm sure a few budding fitness fanatics will be clumping together in order to thrash themselves and I am more than willing to program a workout that will allow you to do just that. 

Anyway, back to the Suller initiated carnage...

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3

Once you have all lifted some heavy assed tin, please scribe your scores to the whiteboard (PBs in red please)!

The resemblance is uncanny! 

The resemblance is uncanny!