The last day of a thorough beasting, and what a day it is! Now the picture attached to this post is not the one that I wanted, but it's kind of similar. 

Lets just say that the last time Conroy did this workout, it kind of hit him hard. Meaning, he received a stimulus! So much so that some significant time had past following the workout and I happened to find your beloved Trainer, lying face up behind the Cardiff Sports Nutrition store...messed up! Unfortunately for Al, we had to socialise following the event and despite his request to "just leave me here bro..." I dragged him into Got Beef and he was glad he man following great meat! 

Speaking of which, get down there and utilities those kick ass black cards of yours! 

CrossFit Cardiff Partner WoD

For time:
21 - 15 - 9
Deadlift (100/70kg)
Run 400m together
9 - 15 - 21

Partner 1 does all the deads and partner 2 does all the burpees. Before the run. After the run swap movements...choose/get told wisely! 

Meaty saviour

Meaty saviour