Finally, the day is upon us...633.

Throughout the month of September, we have dedicated each workout to a Royal Marine who, has paid the ultimate sacrifice. Each workout has been a true test, in their own way, and by design. Yet, everything has been building to this day. Each of us are sore, fatigued and likely in need of a solid day off, instead we are ready to respect not just Royal Marines, but each British serviceman and woman who have lost their lives in the recent Iraq and Afghan campaigns.

Please come down and support, from 11am - 11am…we will certainly need it!

Follow the link below to our just giving page and please, help us raise money for those who desperately deserve it….

The Story

See you on the other side…


With an Oppo and within 24 Hours, complete six hundred and thirty three Clean and Jerks
At average bodyweight

This workout is bigger than any of us, it really has little to do reps or loads or times or pain; but is to celebrate the lives of those who have given theirs for us.
We rest at home in comfort and safety, while others, to this day and at this very second, put themselves in harms way to protect our country from terror.
They are selfless, they are humble, they don’t want praise or thanks. They have courage and determination, are cheerful in the face of adversity and they are…heroes!

We will respect them and we will never forget them. May they rest in peace.