06:30 saw a small yet perfectly formed bunch of committed legends hitting the 2019 ground running, only to be violently stopped in their tracks by a gazillion air squats. And if that didn’t do it then some cheeky lunges will! Well you didn’t want to be able to function over the weekend did you?!

Remember then team, the new timetable will be fully enforced next week, with Liv kicking us off this Sunday at 12pm. Yoga hour!

This class will take place at the same time for the first three Sunday’s of each month and is FREE.99 to unlimited members. Get in and get stretchy strong! But, before you do that…just come in and get strong!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Front rack lunges
10 - 10 - 10 - 10

Build in load while maintaining technique
Wobble your way over to the whiteboard and write down the load used for each set…

Road Runner.jpg