The first post of 2019, holy hell…Happy New Year!
I am purposefully going to make sure that it sucks though! Merely so that I can positively build some entertainment into your lives throughout the year.

We are going to have some cool times too, loads of banter and exciting times!

The rest of this week sees the last of the old timetable, with the usual class schedule back tomorrow but with the new beginning on Monday. It may take a few weeks to adjust, but at least if you rock up at the wrong time you will only have 30mins to wait. Easy!

I hope you guys all had a kick ass time last night, have fading hang overs and a new filled desire to get back to the gym and kick some arse! Here we go…

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Complete as many rounds as possible, within 20 minutes of: 
5 Pull Ups
10 Press Ups
15 Air Squats 

Please record your own scores not just to the whiteboard but also to your own logbooks…

The Tower.JPG