Team one of our own needs our help. Hamish is set to take on a significant challenge in order to raise funds and awareness for a charity dear to his heart. 

The inspiration for the event was to attempt a feat that would thoroughly test mental and physical resolve and, to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. There are around 10,000 people in the UK living with CF and the Trust provides funding for research into new life changing treatments and clinical care, as well as supporting families and individuals with the condition. Hamish said “I’ve witnessed the important work that they do and their impact cannot be overstated.”

The challenge - 5000 Burpees. To be completed with a 15 hour time limit. 

The Plan - on Saturday February 16th, at 05:00, Hamish will begin his attempt. Pacing himself to complete 333 burpees per hour, will the goal to finish the last burpee by 20:00.
During that time, he is going to need some help. Any of you who are willing to jump on in and perform a burpee of 100 please, pipe up, you will be more than welcome!

Hamish has currently raised over £1,000 and is pushing towards an even bigger number. Each extra £1 raised will go a long way to motivating me through the day, Please help where you can.
There will be a collection box on the day or if you prefer, simply click here.

Get behind him and lets raise some serious cash for an awesome cause!

Good luck Hamish!

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

Overhead squat
5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5*

*the goal is to maintain the same weight across. Aim high and lift big. Once you have…

…please write your scores to the whiteboard…