Well the first week of the open is nearly done! How cool is it? I told you!!

Of course, I have no idea how cool it was (yet), and for two reasons:
- it is currently 5am on Thursday, a day before the announcement and…
- I wasn’t there anyway!

But, with Colonel Conroy at the helm, how can you possibly have anything but some seriously fun, organised, fitness?!
Please, judges, just make sure you hold on to your clip boards when calling no reps. You’re athlete doesn't need to know what it tastes like. 😉

Back into the mix…

CrossFit Cardiff WoD

For 5 rounds and for max calories:
Within 2 mins: 
15/10 Calorie Assault Bike
50 Double Unders
Max Cal Row
Rest 6 Minutes between rounds

Please write calories per round to the whiteboard…

clipboard face.jpg